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Hidden World of north Borneo, Part II -Batu Punggul

Feb 24 Breakfast is at 7.30 and consists of fried noodles, banana fritters and coffee. We pack up and head back downstream to the village. From there we drive to another part of the river closer to Batu Punggul. If water levels were higher, we could have taken the boat all the way there from [...]

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Hidden world of north Borneo, part I

Feb 23 After a month in the area around Tawau, it was time to move off. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring the area and hanging with fellow Noah Ranger Chun Xing Wong but was also looking forward to the next place. I took a minivan to Lahad Datu and then went straight to the office for [...]

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Tawau Hills Park – stories part II

Okay, enough about the leeches, lets get to some of the nicer wildlife (and plant life) I saw. One day on my way to the hotsprings I was in 100% spotting mode, hiking very slow. I spotted 3 orchids in bloom. Their blooms were tiny, less than 1cm but still beautiful and unique in their [...]

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Tawau Hills Park revisited

Feb 7 After a few days in Tawau, I’m on my way back to Tawau hills park. I really liked the park and it’s cheap accommodation, food and self guided trails. Plus I needed somewhere cheap to stay for a while to balance out the expense of the Maliau basin trip. I went prepared this [...]

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Maliau Basin Conservation Area Part II

Jan 31 We leave Nepenthes camp at 8am. We hike through more montane forest. Haysrol takes me on a short detour to see a tiny species of Nepenthes. The pitchers are about the size of my pinky finger thumbnail! Not sure if it’s the smallest species of Nepenthes, but I’d be shocked if there was [...]

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Maliau Basin Conservation Area

Jan 29 The famed ‘Lost World of Sabah’, Maliau basin is a bowl shaped depression 200km from Tawau city, about 40km from the border with Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. Virtually unknown and never permanently inhabited, the basin was discovered in the 1940′s when a pilot nearly crashed into the steep cliffs on the northern part of [...]

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Tawau Hills park – Hotsprings

Jan 27 I’m going back to Tawau today but not until around 5pm. That’s when Chun’s mother kindly offered to pick me up. During my last visit here 12 years ago I went to the hotsprings and really liked it so today I deciding to recreate some of the past and go back. It’s a [...]

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Tawau Hills park part II

Jan 25 The canteen doesn’t open until 8am, so Chun and I agree to meet up at that time. I wake up just before 8 and step out my front door onto the covered porch. The hostel is right at the edge of the park and almost surrounded by rainforest. A casual glance to my [...]

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Bukit Gemok and Tawau Hills Park birthday

Jan 21 Bukit Gemok means ‘fat hill’ in Malay and this fat hill is only 10km from Tawau city. A small slice of hilly rainforest surrounded by palm oil plantations, it was my first nature place to visit this time around in Sabah. I went there with fellow Noah ranger Chun Xing Wong. His mom [...]

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Bogani Nani – Kotamabagu – Manado – Balikpapan – Tarakan – Tawau

Jan 16 I have 3 flights in the next 2 days. I wasn’t looking forward to all the traveling but they were only short flights. The first was from Manado to Balikpapan, but first I had to get out of the forest. Henry took me on his moto to a shared taxi that took me [...]

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